Today, My Real Estate agent came by and we discussed putting my house on the market on Monday. It was only on sale for a week before I bought it, so hopefully I’ll have the same luck selling it. To help facilitate this process, I spent three hours ripping up a strip of grass that’s up on a weird slant between my driveway and my neighbor so I can replace it with mulch and a few shrubs. I only finished about three quarters of the process before it got too dark, and I had to stop for the night. It’s not even two hours later, and my arms are so sore, I can barely lift them… I can’t imagine digging up the rest of the grass and laying down the mulch tomorrow. Ouch. Then there’s the issue of disposing of the old grass clumps. ::sigh::

When will I learn?

Until Tomorrow

My House + Me Asplode!

4 thoughts on “My House + Me Asplode!

  • Heh. I’m a dork. Been filling out too many forms. I saw “Title” and I was thinking you wanted my title. Duh. It’s a blog comment. Figured it out, now. I’m a big, fat (well…squishy in the middle, anyway) dork.

  • Yeah, and I did five more hours today, as I finished digging up the grass and then took about 30 trips to the back yard with mulch bags full of grass clumps so I could throw them in the ravine behind my house. Before, I was sore… now, I feel like I’ve been beat with a bat for two hours. Aaaaand, I also ran out of mulch, and the stupid hardware stores close at 6pm on Sunday, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get more. Agh.

  • …about being squishy in the middle and about the other thing. You need to start playing DDR/ITG using only your hands, like handstand dancing. That’d be cool. Neat party trick, too. As long as you don’t crash down into Flower’s bigscreen. 🙂

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