So far, I’ve been basically silent about the chaos going on in New Orleans. This however, sickens me.

Seriously, what the fuck? What kind of worthless piece of human filth murders and rapes refugees? I fully support the response to this madness. Shoot at helicopters and boats delivering supplies and searching for survivors? Shoot at hospitals? I hope they find every single waste of oxygen perpetrating this heinous bullshit, and kills them with extreme prejudice.

Enemy insurgents in our own fucking country… disgusting.

Seriously, What the Hell is Wrong with People?

One thought on “Seriously, What the Hell is Wrong with People?

  • This bullshit sickens me also bro… I am from New Orleans and it sickens me to watch the news as a matter of fact I am no longer watching it… Seeing these people act like animals is fucking disgusting… I was in the military and in my opinion if some shit shot at me while I was trying to do good I’d fly away with a finger hanging out the window… The shit that is going on, embarasses me to say that I am from New Orleans

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