After many years of presence on the web, I believe it’s time to return to my roots. For a few years, there was a kind old couple that used to babysit me who donated a nickname I haven’t used in a while: bones. It probably doesn’t take a lot of imagination to determine the source of that alias, but I admit it lends a certain aspect of nostalgia to my otherwise futuristic persona. For those few short years where I was simply known as “Bones Moses,” and now I’m going to try and reclaim my lost heritage.

To that end, I have registered which will eventually be the new domain for the site you see now. So what of poor Well, I’m going to try an experiment. We’ve all seen those webcomics out there, but I’m more of a writer. So in a few weeks, I’m going to re-launch kildosphere as a web-fic. I’ll need time to develop a rudimentary display and authoring engine, basic plot outline for the first story arc, and requisite cast of characters. As usual, there will be an RSS feed for all of this, so fans can remain abreast of new installments.

Even if this experiment fails, will remain. Though something I should have done long ago, late is always better than never. As a bonus, it’s a shorter domain to remember, and much easier to type. If you’re keeping track, the email address associated with this domain will be My old email address will be my writing alias for the Kildosphere re-launch, so worry not about suddenly being unable to reach me.

So far, the server is doing very well. I’ve got Postfix absolutely destroying incoming spam without the aid of SpamAssassin thanks mostly to sender domain verification and disabling my wildcard email alias. SquirrelMail provides my ability to check email remotely, and so far, it looks like a pretty good package—certainly better than ssh+mutt. The site itself comes from lighttpd with its wonderful fastcgi module and PHP. When I get some more time, this will likely change to TurboGears and Python, which seem like a powerful combination. PHP has served me well for years, but I think it’s time to move on; we’ll see how it goes.

Until Tomorrow

Back to my Roots

5 thoughts on “Back to my Roots

  • I wondered exactly what roots you were referring to…the hair roots, heralding a return to your lovely pseudo-black locks, or a visit back to the illustrious state of the WA. Little could I have guessed what you were actually talking about. Cool!

    But aren’t you worried about people asking you about the 2nd part of your domain name? 🙂

  • “Bones” Moses? Dude. You have such a great pornstar name. 🙂

    What advantages does lighttpd bring to the table? I’m an Apache2 partisan, but I’m always looking for the Next Best Thing.

  • Rob,

    Lighttpd is freaking sweet. It has native fastcgi, and unlike Apache, it is optimized to simply serve pages quickly. It compares very well with Tux, without the dangerous kernel-level operation. When serving static pages or images, it completely destroys Apache. Not that I really need that kind of optimized speed, since my site doesn’t exactly get millions of hits per day, but I like to experiment. After nine years of using Apache, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try something a little lighter.

    It seems to work so far, so I ain’t complaining.

  • Sounds interesting. I hope to see good things come from both of your sites, and I hope you begin to update a bit more as you become more settled in the city that has your death planned around every corner (J/k)


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