A couple months ago, I noticed my site getting spam posted as replies to news posts. On a whim, I checked this out and discovered over 200 spams posted in past comments so they didn’t show up on the front page. Nice to know my little site that gets barely any hits, using custom software mostly incompatible with other blog projects, is worth targeting. So I took the Brain Age route: anyone wishing to post comments in my site must be able to multiply or add two digits from one to nine. It’s a captcha mostly unlike those in popular circulation, so it’ll hopefully be a while before spammers code bulk-posters to circumvent it.

I have to say, Independence Weekend was fun, as was the Taste of Chicago. Jen, Ryan, Amanda, and I gorged ourselves on vast amounts of food, which to their chagrin, energized me indefinitely through the day. We even went on a little boat-tour of the Chicago skyline, to which I must add: Lake Michigan is freaking cold! It was mid 80’s through the day, and I was shivering through the entire tour. Jen and I burned a little, but while I was expecting ‘lobster’, I was pleasantly surprised with pink-grapefruit; I might even get a slight tan out of the bargain.

Unfortunately I also purchased Final Fantasy IV and Sword of Mana for my DS, because I need more games to distract me from being productive. Ah well…

Until Tomorrow

Comment Spam is Tasty

2 thoughts on “Comment Spam is Tasty

  • Actually Ryan, I do have Mario Kart. I borrowed it from a guy at work and then bought my own copy. I’ve been playing it obsessively. I finally unlocked 150cc-mirror, which is freaking ridiculously hard. Everything in 50cc has three stars, everything in 100cc is two stars, and almost everything in 150cc is a single star. I’ve unlocked R.O.B. I’ve even beat the staff time-trial on the figure-eight circuit of the mushroom cup by over a second.

    Basically I have no life thanks to that damn game. I looked through my posts, and yes indeed, I forgot to mention it. Well, now you know my Kart prowess. ^_~

  • I beat your spam guard!

    You should get Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow for your DS too. It’s quite good. And Mario Kart. You can not have a DS and not have Mario Kart. It’s like… a crime.

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