Let there be… disturbing art! I’ve finally managed to work my artist’s wonderful rendition of Rabbit Rue’s true horror into the site design. It’s a work in progress, but it still looks better than without, in my opinion. Hopefully I can tweak the design a little and leave it alone for a while.

I’m moving to Evanston. I’m pretty sure of this. Nothing against Chicago, but threatening to shut down the Purple Line express, which ferries my worthless carcass to and from work, and/or raise the rates from $1.75 to $3.25 per ride causes me to question the future of our antiquated heap of rattling, anachronistic chicanery technology. Just once, I want to meet someone who has ridden a functional and efficient mass-transit system, and gauge their impression of what Chicago has to offer.

After they’re done laughing, I’ll insist that I am, in fact, serious. What would someone from France—with the fastest train in the world—rudely bellow? Or how would someone accustomed to Japan’s Shinkansen, a line so punctual the average delay is 12 seconds—impressive for a system that’s been in operation since 1964, back when they only traveled at 120 miles per hour—react when informed we hardly ever break 60mph/100kph?

“Is this really a train!?” they’d ask, incredulous.

“It’s so quaint,” another might giggle.

So, I figure I’ll just trust my own legs, and walk a few blocks to work until this either blows over, or I become rich and famous and can quit my job entirely, so I can go home, throw on an old-man robe, and smoke a corn-cob pipe for absolutely no reason. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

I also saw Paprika, which has a soundtrack about as good as Ghost in the Shell, and nice trippy visuals to compliment everything. I highly suggest seeing this film drunk. I haven’t performed this mighty feat myself—likely few would survive—but after the convulsions cease, at least you’ll wake up in the hospital satisfied.

Until Tomorrow

Disturbing Trains, With a Dash of Paprika
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2 thoughts on “Disturbing Trains, With a Dash of Paprika

  • I wouldn’t call Evanston a typical Suburb. Sure it’s on the outer edges of Chicago, a single street, Howard, separates the two. I can get to the loop from my new apartment in twenty minutes… it would take ten from my current address.

    Besides, Evanston is heavily influenced by Chicago, so there’s plenty of places to eat, hang out, etc. I’m not really losing anything, though I might want to get a new vet, as walking the mile to my current one is probably no longer an option. Heh.

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