Yikes! Move from one apartment to another, and suddenly things just go to hell. I’ve managed (barely) to keep up with Rabbit Rue, but all my other activities have seemed to suffer. And then of course, they had to release the end of Harry Potter, and my weekend was pretty much shot.

So, onward and forward, I’ve got some catching-up to do. But there are worse things. Like buying bookcases so I can unpack my books, waiting to receive my New 40″ LCD and its accompanying entertainment center, so those’ll be fun to haul into my apartment.

But all in all, I’ve had a good month so far, getting situated and enjoying the newfound escape from hourly auditory assaults from the L.

Until Tomorrow

From the Ends of the Earth
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2 thoughts on “From the Ends of the Earth

  • Did you move far? Moving just sucks – or at least the packing and unpacking does. like that you getting some new toys as rewards for the hard work of moving

  • You moved? Yayyyyy! It sucked ass playing DDR when suddenly and randomly you would hear nothing but train for twenty seconds.

    Pardon my silence too. I’ve been traveling all summer, and my hard drive died, so I have no computer until I find money to get a new hard drive.

    I go back to Valpo around the 25th. I will come see you one weekend, because it’s been a long time.

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