I never would have imagined, after meeting the man, that Patrick O’Lone would allow marriage to sully his reputation. But it’s true, and I’m happy for both him and Sarah. More Surprising, of course, is that Chris Murley is following his example a mere three weeks later. On September 29th, Hillary officially joins the disfunctional family I grudgingly left behind when I moved to Chicago. They’re all growing up so fast, it brings a tear to my eye.

And Becky strikes the gong at 31, unashamedly of course, or I’d accuse her of being replaced by an impostor. It makes me feel slightly better that I’ll be crossing my own significant milestone on the 18th, and mark the passage of three rather uneventful decades. Don’t get me wrong: it’s tough work being as boring as I am.

And I’ve started Chapter 20 of my ongoing novel, which marks the first of the final three chapters. I hope to finish them before the month is out so I can start the second draft, whereupon I’ll finally feel safe seeking a literary agent and subsequent publication. I can only hope the rest of the trilogy flows as easily as Rabbit Rue.

Until Tomorrow

Parties, Parties Everywhere!
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2 thoughts on “Parties, Parties Everywhere!

  • Again – happy 30! That is super awesome. Wish we were closer and we could celebrate your and mine together. How in the world DID we get this old?

  • That’s a good damn question. It’s hard to believe we started high school half our lives ago. I just wish I didn’t accidentally erase the hard drive with my BBS on it… 🙁

    And damn skippy it’s going to be an amazing 30. I made it this far with a bum ticker, so I plan on taking advantage!

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