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Anime Iowa!

August 25th, 2002 | Published in Uncategorized | No Comments

Wow, Anime Iowa. Almost didn’t make it this year, and this time I went on Friday. I should have just gone on Saturday like I did last time. Ah well. Spent way too much money and way too much time goofing off. At least last time I saw way more anime. Then again, it seemed […]

Lose the fat!

July 23rd, 2002 | Published in Uncategorized | No Comments

Well, I guess it was inevitable. I’m trying that new low carb thing. I’ve been reading up on it, and have found that there are a lot of various interesting systems out there that everyone and their dog has probably heard about. I know… for those of you who know me, you say, “But.. he […]

More to come…

March 1st, 2002 | Published in Uncategorized | No Comments

Whew… Boy have I been a busy mo-fo. After a year of procrastination, work on World Domination Society is actually getting under way. I have built a dual PIII-800 to handle the site until load justifies beefier hardware. I’ve also got a second draft of the ERD ready. Once I get that all knocked-out, it’ll […]

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