Update Shmupdate

Apparently I’ve fallen off Teh Intarwebs. Well, that’s all the fault of Final Fantasy XII, really. Played it once for 100 hours myself, then 50 hours following a guide. Sadly, the second set of characters are far more powerful with much better equipment. 🙁 I guess that just proves they did a damn good job of hiding everything usable. Bad Squaresoft!

Once Atop the Mountain

“Fidalius,” began Kartaena, sadly, “the Human Condition has an infinite capacity for suffering. A man’s ability to torture himself pales the gamut of physical or emotional pain another could mete. History is written on the backs of men and women who ignore this at their peril, societies lost to antiquity, flush with philosophers or kings suffused with their own righteous insights. Even great empires that once spanned the world and ushered a new era of inspired debate and progress lay as dust, forgotten by all.”