A Quiet Retirement

Not too long ago, I bought a heated cat bed for Luna. Her age is really starting to show these days, and she can barely get around as much. We noticed that she was sleeping near the heating vents in the house, basically flattening her whole body against them.

Not only does she love the new bed, she hardly ever leaves it. She gets out occasionally if she’s too warm, and lays down literally one foot away next to the cold air return grate. I’m glad she likes it, and I feel better knowing that if she is starting to wind down toward the end, she’s comfortable.

All the cats have had their dental appointments for the year except for Luna, since she’s basically too old to go under general anesthesia safely. That set us back a cool grand, but at least all the cats will have healthy teeth. This is another reason we don’t have more than four cats; vet appointments and general upkeep aren’t exactly free.

It looks like a new “simulator” game will be available soon. I got pretty drawn into Car Mechanic Simulator, PC Building Simulator, and even House Flipper. Well, now Mech Mechanic Simulator should be available March 25th, and that should be pretty amusing. I’ve always enjoyed Mechwarrior bots, and screwing around with those in a more mechanical sense should be pretty engaging.

What I’m really waiting for though is Everspace 2. I have a policy of never buying anything that’s in Early Access, but the YouTube previous I’ve seen of it thus far make it look just about perfect. It’s not the rogue-like (not my favorite genre) that was Everspace, so I’m hoping it lives up to the hype.

In Keyboard news, I’m going to be buying some Sorbothane to sound-dampen my keyboard a bit. I’ve been seeking new key caps, but finding double-shot PBT Cherry profile backlit keys is surprisingly difficult. The shorter body of Cherry profile caps should decrease the key to frame resonance, and combined with making the keyboard less hollow, should quiet things down substantially. I’m not ready to give up on my GMMK just yet!

Until Tomorrow,