Cat Scream Fever

Luna has acquired a new skill that I can only describe as “yowling in utter distress”. This has been happening for a while now, but she’s been steadily increasing the volume and urgency with every passing day. With that said, that sounds a lot worse than what’s actually happening.

Key Bored

So now that I have the GMMK, I decided to see just how bad my old Logitech G710 keyboard was after five years of service. It… wasn’t pretty. Imagine five years of never once cleaning it in a four cat household, and never even doing the usual cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol every few months. Well, imagine no further!

JoJo Mojo

So I finally decided to watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure out of sheer curiosity borne from the memes, and I have to say… it totally makes sense. The show is so ridiculously over the top that it practically begs to be memed.