PG Phriday: Working Together

There seem to be quite a few popular Postgres conferences peppering the globe these days. This year, Simon Riggs of 2ndQuadrant gave the sponsored keynote at Postgres Open. I’m not entirely sure it was intentional since it wasn’t the title of his presentation, but he uttered the words “working together to make Postgres better for everyone” at one point. The phrase “Working Together” really stood out, because that’s a significant part of what makes Postgres so great. It resonated acutely with the impetus behind the [intlink id='pgcon-2014-unconference-a-community']Unconference track[/intlink] that remains a regular fixture at PGCon.

PG Phriday: The Bones of High Availability

Well, the bell has tolled, the day is over, and at the end of it all, Postgres Open has ended its fifth year in service of the community. I will say it was certainly an honor to speak again this year, though now that it’s not conveniently in Chicago, I’ll have to work harder to justify hauling myself across the country next year. Of course at this point, I’d feel guilty if I didn’t at least try, assuming any of my submissions are accepted. 🙂

Dragged into the (Postgres) Open

A few months ago, Greg Smith of PostgreSQL fame suggested I submit a proposal to the new Postgres Open conference here in Chicago. Some of us residents of the Midwest have long waited for a PostgreSQL-related conference of our very own, and now the glorious day has finally arrived. I was asked to submit proposals to other conferences, but the travel involved quickly put me off; now I can be lazy and still help spread The Word.