PG Phriday: How Far We’ve Come

With extremely fortuitous timing for my first article following the holidays, Postgres 9.5 was officially been released into the wild just yesterday. I tend to think about past releases when new versions come out, and consider everything that has changed since the early days. How early? I’ve personally been using Postgres since 2001, when my new employer bellyached about their Postgres 6.5 database crashing frequently and generally making their lives more difficult. So as a newly minted advocate of the LAMP stack, I purged it in favor of MySQL.

Saying “things are different now,” would be the understatement of the year. To understand just how different, let’s review advancements in our favorite database software in just the last five years.

Comments Working Again

Sorry everyone. I upgraded WordPress and a bunch of plugins a few weeks back, and didn’t realize the reCAPTCHA plugin changed providers, and has been marking all comments as spam since then. I went through the spam backlog and recovered anything obvious. Though just to make sure, I’m going to dig through any tertiary settings and make sure legit email addresses haven’t been identified as spam sources. Just so I don’t have to worry about approving every comment, even from pre-approved submitters.