All but the Fat Lady

And then there was none.

The tale of Rue’s haunt of Tammond Dale is no more. It’s over, damn you, and done. The tale describing an undead lagomorph intent on rending Kyle’s soul has been concluded, and I can only hope I avoided being obvious. Now I must combine the hundreds of separate entries into one giant thing and format it as expected by publishers. I need to print, edit, and refine.

But the bulk, easily the hardest part, is done. Six months, each page crafted after my day job–hours I normally would have spent playing video games–have flown by as Rue and his nightmare took shape. But it’s over, and done.

I’d celebrate, but I’m not sure exactly what to be excited about. It hardly feels real. For those wondering, the schedule will unlock the last section of the last chapter October 22nd. I almost made it to Halloween… but not quite. Ah well.

Until Tomorrow