Lose the fat!

Well, I guess it was inevitable. I’m trying that new low carb thing. I’ve been reading up on it, and have found that there are a lot of various interesting systems out there that everyone and their dog has probably heard about.

I know… for those of you who know me, you say, “But.. he could blow away in a stiff breeze!” I agree with you. But my BFI is at 18%, and that’s just too damn high. Besides, as you may see in various locations, it’s not really a diet, but an entire nutritional system that makes more sense anyway. I always like to think things aren’t always as they seem, and it looks like the medical community at large is reassessing the whole low fat thing. Besides, what my research has revealed so far, both in nutritional documentation and testimonials, it makes more sense anyway. Anything that can reverse type II diabetes can’t be barking up a tree that’s too wrong.

So there it is. I’ll be on the way to reducing my BFI to lower than 10%, and have fun doing it eating all the fat/meat I can stand. I suggest picking up the book “Protein Power”, as it actually goes into very in-depth explanations as to why the traditional beliefs for low fat is wrong. As a scientist at heart, I have to say I liked their approach to laying out the bones.

If this works, you’re damn straight I’ll be pushing it on everyone I know. Heh.