I’ve fostered a love for technology for nearly my whole life, despite being born in the late 70s. It’s partially the result of being a kind of dreamer that is always asking “what if”. It made me read science journals and magazines when most kids were glued to comics, decidedly making me the “odd man out”.

Once computers became mainstreme, I’d found my new calling. I’m always tinkering with something either in my basement or on a command terminal these days. I’ve got a Dell R720 in my basement purely for experimenting with frameworks, toolkits, clusters, and whatever else I stumble across. It definitely makes a great place to mock up customer clusters before writing full deployment or migration documents for them!

I’m also a huge Postgres fanatic. What started as “just a job” following a couple hops from Oracle to Mysql to Postgres, became something that made my career. I attribute this to my propensity for deep dives into things I want to understand. As a result of not really understanding High Availability, I eventually wrote a book on the subject. Databases and HA need each other, so that’s been my focus for the last decade or so.

I was also born with an extremely rare heart condition, which I’ve written about rather extensively on this site. Everyone has a challenge in their lives, and this was definitely the one that contributed most to who I am today.

So my musings here will run the gamut of be technical, philosophical, or just aimless rambling. Somewhat like I’m doing right now.