Back On Fire

No, literally… That huge lump-thing on my back that I noticed two years ago is apparently Dermatofibroma which is completely benign. But I had it removed anyway just out of spite. ^_^ So of course, now I have a inch long set of stitches down part of my back while it heals. Ouch. I haven’t gotten much sleep lately since it’s on the side I usually sleep on. I guess I never think these things through very well.

On the home front, I almost got a house last week. But my mistake was to ask for a Radon check, thinking it’s not a big deal. Well, checking is not that expensive, but if anything is found, fixing it is. Since the house I wanted was an estate, the person selling it didn’t want to deal with that kind of check and rejected my offer. That would have been fine had there not been two other people giving offers at the same time. I’ve seen houses sit in this market for months, but I just had to pick the one property that was way underpriced and very, very nice. But that’s ok, I’ll find something else.

Actually, I was almost considering this one. Now wouldn’t that be sweet. 90k means by payments and property taxes and everything else would come to about $700 a month. Ouchy. If only I could afford that…

I’m finally sitting down and arranging my bills and statements and other paperwork for the past six years into a file-box. This will take a while. ^_^ I really wish I had started this way back then, but I really don’t have anything else to do today but laundry. Ah, the banality of it all. Heh.