Hectic Times Arrive

First off, I had a great birthday. I have aquired from a wonderful individual, GTA: Vice City, and season three of Family Guy. Who would have thought an elementary school teacher could be so subversive?

The party I threw for myself on the 20th of September was also a nice relaxing bit of fun. Justin made an appearance, as well as Patrick and his girlfriend Sara – and of course, Jen. Rob came a day early and had to go to a date, but I’ll forgive him this once. Jello shots were consumed, pizza was ordered, and Family Guy was screened.

Now if only I didn’t have to keep packing my stuff, getting ready in anticipation of all paperwork going through and my house purchase being approved. Ah well, it’ll all be over within a month.

Now, I have a few things to say about Vice City. This game, to use appropriate vernacular, has major cojones. Yes, all of the past elements of shooting cops, picking up hookers, and beating pedestrians makes a return. In addition, you can buy wondrous real-estate such as a strip club, and a porn film studio. Selling drugs from an ice-cream-truck was a nice touch, too. Little did I know, the sheer glee that can be had from careening through town in a city bus as bits and pieces rip off in hundreds of thundering collisions. Plowing through roadblocks while police ineffectually attempt to stop your rampaging tank with their measly police cars. Ah, the refreshing escape of ignoring every single rule society has ever suggested.

While I can understand the draw of driving like a lunatic, smashing into things just to see cars spin around, motorcycles fling their riders a block away, and mow the sidewalk of innocent pedestrians, that doesn’t mean I’d actually do it. Games like this offer a unique opportunity to let off steam, that could never exist in real life. Knowing nobody is being hurt is actually part of the fun; completely guilt free mayhem is Rockstar Games’ gift to mankind. So, to you overprotective parents out there - this game has a mature rating for a reason, so keep your underdeveloped and mentally unbalanced spawn away. My precious… preeeecious…

Er… anyway, I’m also currently reading “Bag of Bones” by Stephen King. It’s good so far, but I can’t tell what it’s aobut just yet. Probably one of his more obtuse books thus far. We’ll see how it turns out.