Well, I went to an airshow with my girlfriend this weekend. While the airshow itself was somewhat boring compared to the one I saw when I lived near Fairchild, it was at least interesting. Not every day you see jets flying around. Though I could do with something to drink other than $2 lemonade. After that, I got to entertain her cousin and a few of his 11-year-old friends. That’s where some of my pain comes from. Maybe if I were in better shape, I could keep up with them, but for now, they ran me ragged. Oddly enough, I seemed big enough to simply toss them away like bugs when they kept rushing me. I’ll have to think about why that is, considering I stopped growing when I was 13. I knew I was big for my age back then, but geez.

The World Domination Society now has a logo! I know I’m a lazy ass, but I think this time, I have some incentive. I just bought a used 2U VA Linux server I plan on colocating in Chicago - so I have to put something on it aside from this crappy site. Oh, and to my friends I say this: If you want to pay me a few bucks a month, I’ll host your site(s) on a server maintained by yours truly right on the backbone of the internet down at Level 3. ‘course, I’ll still need time to get the server set up and in running order before I put it up there, so give me a couple weeks. ^_^

Ah, Chobits. I picked up the first issue of the manga, and I have to say the story is intriguing. But more than that, there is a side story taking place in the manga that questions the role of humanity were it possible for us to get exactly what we wanted in the form of a pseudo-human. The idea that simulations could supplant reality isn’t a new one, but it’s disturbing nonetheless. This manga is set in an essentially inevitable future, so I have to wonder what will happen when we get perfect virtua-immersion through whatever technological breakthrough delivers it. Perfect mate, perfect little dream world, perfect life; what’s to encourage subjecting oneself to the harsh world outside of such a safe enclave? Combine that with some form of immortality, and we’d be not unlike gods of our own corner of reality. Chobits only addresses how personal relationships are affected by such things, but the implication is there. Read it, if you haven’t already!

And DDR, I curse thee to the deepest bowels of Hades. I somehow managed to get a B on Paranoia, and an A on Trip Machine a while ago, and I think I’m starting to outstrip the ability of my DDR pad. The arrows sometimes only go off if I hit the exact center of the direction pad, which really is annoying when you’re dealing with a 200BPM song, and every inch of movement counts. I will question the difficulty rating system, though. There are some 6-foot songs I can do fairly easily, yet there are other 5 or even 4-foot songs that trip me up almost every time. At this rate, I’ll have to buy an arcade machine. ^_^ All I know is that I played for three hours today, and boy are my calves sore. The weekend attack of the little kids didn’t help, but I’m pretty sure it’s the DDR that did me in. As a word to the wise, even if you hate dancing, do not play this game. You will become addicted. I hate dancing, yet present me with DDR, and I’ll mindlessly attempt to subject myself to the whims of animated arrows set to techno music with nary a second thought. Argh.

Tell me what you think of the World Domination logo, and I’ll catch you on my next update! ^_^