AAA? No way!

I figured I’d spend some time to get a AAA rating on some light songs, since my feet hurt too much to play standard or heavy for a few days. I managed to get five AAA’s yesterday. The last one took over an hour and drove me nuts, forcing me to play it over and over again after continuously scoring 1 great. It doesn’t help that my pad’s right arrow is flickering, but oddly enough, the single great I kept getting was never in the same place, nor caused by the flickering arrow.

Yeah, getting all perfects in a song is VERY VERY HARD. Which is why I’m doing this on Light difficulty. It was suggested by a couple really good players I know, but I never thought myself capable, so I never really tried it seriously. Hopefully this will make me better in some intangible manner that will manifest itself when I play in tournaments, but at least it gives me something to do while my feet and calves are recovering from playing heavy for almost a week straight.