Anime Iowa: It's Over!

Well, I went to Anime Iowa again this year, held almost an entire month after the usual date. It was three days of craziness, lack of sleep, and anime overload, but I enjoyed it anyway. Be sure to read my writeup of the whole shebang. I took more pictures this year, thanks to my ability to forsee the future and bring two extra sets of batteries I never had to use.

Also exciting news: Miller Time Bowling finally managed to drag the DDR Extreme Machine into the building. I’ll have to take a trip down there to see if the machine is configured to leave all the songs unlocked. If not, I’ll have to contact the owners of the machine and tell them how to do that. Unlocked machines are so much more fun.

I’ve been writing the Anime Iowa 2004 writeup all day, so I’m going to call it quits for now. I’ve had enough typing for a while. Sionara!