Down With The Deluge!

Pick your eyes off of the floor, my site has been slightly revamped. Likely, this isn’t the final version, but it’s a start in the right direction. Thanks to CSS1 and some CSS2, I’ve highly simplified the underlying HTML code for everything you see here. The design still seems a bit simplistic to me, so expect more changes in the future.

Well, my venerable old microwave I’ve relied on since ‘99 has finally kicked the bucket. It had a recessed plastic turntable which cracked after 15 years of service, and they don’t make a replacement part. So I bought a new microwave today, and boy is it a beauty. I got it for $30 under retail, and it can cook damn near anything at the touch of a button, thanks to temperature and humidity sensors. Considering how long they’ve been making dryers with similar sensors, I’m surprised more microwaves don’t operate this way. The scary part is that it weighs about half of the older, smaller microwave. I guess they have made improvements in fifteen years, hehe.

Somehow I’d let Luna’s flea-collar get a little stale, and she brought one or more fleas into the house. My poor domicile became absolutely swarming with fleas. Through the week, I’ve sprayed, bombed, vacuumed, and powdered every inch of the upstairs half of the house, and I think they’ve finally been beat back. God, my whole body itches. Bad Luna!

And would someone tell this endless deluge of rain to go back to the Pacific Northwest where it belongs? I feel like I should be building a boat and collecting pairs of animals.