I'm A Lumberjack and I'm OK!

Lumberjack Shaun

Yes, this update is two weeks late, but what can I say? The important thing is that I played the part of a lumberjack a couple weeks ago. Why is this? Last November, a big storm swooped down and knocked a tree down in my yard and it rained almost every day until the snow started. Not exactly ideal for chopping up a tree. So I figured I would wait until spring, and it looks like my plan worked! I had help from a couple of Jen’s friends; the guy there on the right is Nathaniel, who actually did most of the main tree trunk later that day. So now I have incomprehensibly large ass-loads of firewood for the winter!

While Nathaniel and I were demolishing a perfectly good tree, Jen and her friend Carey were busy trying to burn down Moline. I have no picture of this, but we were burning a lot of the junk wood in my fire pit, and somehow Jen managed to start a veritable bonfire. Small woodland creatures scampered frantically away from my yard as sweltering waves of heat blazed from the furnace in my poor yard. And to think, this terrifying source of destruction was created by a couple of seemingly innocent elementary school teachers. Well, I guess I can now say I am dating an arsonist, and Nathaniel can say he married one. ^_^

On the DDR front, I’ve been studying 9-foot songs like Exotic Ethnic and Matsuri Japan. Why these terrifying songs? Well, I’ve noticed that I’m not very good with turns. I can do them, but I have a tendency of getting confused when confronted with heavy sets of arrows that require turns. There’s nothing like practicing turns with some of the hardest songs in the game. Of course I’m doing this in training mode with the speed set to 1 so I can actually follow the arrows. Some day, I plan on doing this song full speed. Once this song and So Deep are under my belt, I’ll feel a lot better about my DDR skills.

Anything else? Well not really. Maybe I’ll come up with something later. Heh.