A Day Apart

This Valentine’s Day, Jen and I enjoyed many aspects of the overly commercialized holiday, and I for one feel no guilt for this. This last Christmas, Jen had been pointing out Taiko Drum Master for various reasons. I took this opportunity to diverge from pedestrian gifts of flowers and candy, and bought her an amusing Japanese drum simulator.

The next part was more difficult. I had been racking my brain for a good restaurant we haven’t yet sampled. I asked around, and looked at websites, and finally I came across Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, which is decidedly more Italian than Steakhouse. I was mostly impressed that all of their menus, and wine-lists are available as PDF documents. When I read over their offerings, it became obvious where we would be eating on Friday.

We started everything off with their amazing Focaccia, which was good enough to eat sans dipping oil. Then on to zucchini fries, which tasted like a cross between a fried onion and a french fry; I highly recommend these. Jen decided to sample their Chicken Fettuccini and see how it compared to The Brown Bottle down in Iowa City. I’m not sure, but I think Johnny’s won. I opted for Filet Oscar, intrigued at a filet topped with crab. This too, was a very good meal. Finally, after gorging ourselves on all of this, how could we escape an Italian restaurant without trying their Tiramisu. This particular dessert was served in a martini glass, and is made by their 19-year-old chef. I’m not ashamed to say it’s probably the best Tiramisu I’ve ever tasted, and I bow to her culinary skills.

The night ended with a couple hours of Jen and me testing out her new drum, and having a little late-night ice cream. Those poor jaded souls who deign Valentine’s Day as nothing but a Hallmark event, know nothing about relationships. The day is but an excuse to celebrate, something that can’t feasibly occur every day. Sure, we don’t need an excuse, but why not take them when they’re offered?

Unrelated to Valentine’s Day, I am thinking of acquiring another animal to occupy my house while I’m at work. Poor Comet is ecstatic when I come home for lunch, and begs for any attention I can offer while I’m home. Considering Luna’s disdain and ire at his presence, she doesn’t exactly make a good companion, ignoring the fact she exclusively opts to explore the wilds of my neighborhood excluding meals and a warm place to sleep. So I’m open to suggestions, and it need not be a feline - just something a cat would enjoy as a friend. I’m not getting another ferret, but there are always alternatives.