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Well, I spent yet another good weekend with Jen up in Chicago. While there, Jen decided to introduce me to the wonders of Fry’s Electronics. We must have wandered around that cornucopia of whimsical gadgetry for four hours, witnessing all things from Zener diodes to anime. While meandering aimlessly between towering racks stuffed with empty computer cases and vacuum sealed astronaut food, I acquired a 1GB Sony flash drive for $70 without any rebates. I also managed to inspire a newly-opened metal DDR pad to irreversibly malfunction. Not sure what happened on that count, but the back arrow became permanently activated; nice quality pads for $200, now I’m really glad I bought Cobalt Flux instead.

Unfortunately I failed to return home in possession of my Norelco Quadra, so I’m a little scruffy. I ordered a Braun Activator, which is supposed to greatly reduce irritation, something the Quadra seemed especially accomplished at causing. I ordered it from Amazon, as they had a special which came with a $50 certificate toward future purchases. I’ll be buying some books soon, so that’s a pretty good deal.

Aside from that, I’ve been brushing up on my Sybase, and Oracle skills. I’ve let them languish far too long, and if I ever want to rejoin the DBA community with my head held high, it’s a prerequisite I must fulfill. We’ll see how it goes when I’m done reading all the books I have on the topic.

Until Tomorrow