DDR and Anime Is All I Ever Do

Wow! DDR night was awsome! Six new people showed up, and three are fairly new players. If anything, the Machine seems to be selling itself. If only I had remembered to bring the DDR shirts, I could have unloaded sold a couple more.

Another good anime night as well! Drew actually managed to show up for the first time in a billion years. We finished off Excel Saga, which is probably the second most wacky anime I’ve ever seen. And of course when all was done, they demanded I roll out DDR so they could get their fix. I’m such a bastard; I must have gotten a couple dozen people addicted to DDR by now.

And in having a conversation with good ‘ol Capnbuckle, somehow the conversation wandered, and I ended up typing this in jest.

Now… taken out of context, that sentence is all kinds of wrong, which is why I like it so much! Yay!