Dimensional Travel Successful!

I believe I’ve been living in a strange bizarro world for the past few days. In the last week or so, five people from work have been in a car accident of some kind. The first involved stopping to avoid an accident on I74, which of course caused them to be rear-ended by a lady on a cellphone, and sideswiped by a truck avoiding the person who stopped in front of him. They were fine, but the two-month-old car wasn’t so lucky: totaled. Next, girlfriend of a co-worker driving to work on I74 when suddenly she realizes a car coming at her from the other direction on the freeway. Another car on the right, concrete wall to the left, SUV plows right into her car and the one on her right: both totaled. Her car is flung into and partially over the wall, SUV flips multiple times and skids on its side for a few yards: totaled. Other than a few bruises and a sprained ankle, she is magically unharmed. Today, another two co-workers on their way to the office, loses control of his truck and sends it into a banked road to avoid a dump-truck: totaled.

Starting at about 9am today, I’ve been answering phone calls constantly. Be they work related or personal calls to my cell-phone, I can’t escape. I usually get one or two calls a week. I have come to the conclusion that I have become surreptitiously transferred to a magical contrary land of impossible coincidence. I must escape this horrible travesty of a dimension before life transforms into inescapably surreal happenstance.

On the plus side, I pwn3d a phone screening today. W00t!

Until Tomorrow