Well, finally fed up with my garage having a 1" gap at the bottom of the door when it closed, I tried loosening the tension wires that were being overtightened by the cold weather.

Bad idea.

Now my garage won’t open at all, thanks to the lack of a counterweight. My car is now stuck in the garage. Fun! I’ve been meaning to get a new door (an insulated one that closes all the way, damn it!) for a while, and now I guess I have an excuse to get it done. The one quote I got is for about $600, which is apparently pretty good for this kind of thing. Stupid house…

On a more positive note, I finally scored an ‘A’ on Rhythm And Police at the Miller Time DDR machine. I guess that means I can start working on Exotic Ethnic to perfect my cross-over skills.

I’ve also finished Oracle Of The Ages, and The Minish Cap on my lovely Gameboy Advance. Well, I didn’t technically finish Oracle Of The Ages, because without Oracle Of The Seasons, the rest of the game is locked. More incentive to find a copy of Seasons, I guess.

Until Tomorrow.