Go Go Power Bastards!

For those of you who tried visiting my website earlier, we had a 2-hour long power-outage here. As soon as the power came on, I rebooted everything and got it all running again. Unfortunately, regardless of the assurances Reiserfs gives for file integrity on an unexpected filesystem unmount, my Apache server mysteriously segfaults on all page requests. I just finished recompiling everything involved, and remain highly irritated that Midamerican Energy seems unable to keep the power working in the complete absence of inclement weather.

On that note, hey Gentoo, it’s been a fucking year, could you take php5 out of your hard mask sometime this millennia? Actually it turns out that the php5 postgresql modules somehow enables threading, even if you have it explicitly masked out of your use flags. I must have failed to restart Apache after one of my recent updates, so the power-outage forced the issue. I know running ~x86 is risky, but it’s really no different from running Debian unstable. There really is no reason for any of this to break, yet Gentoo has somehow managed to kill php5+Apache2 at least three times in as many months. I’ve heard good things about Ubuntu - maybe it’s time to slap it on my test server and see how well it fares. Gentoo is too full of retarded political games for my tastes.

Also, America being sold to corporations is rather obvious these days. I’m thinking this most recent brazen display of disregard for the public trust suggests reassessment of our government on a substantially comprehensive level.

Until Tomorrow