Home is Where Your Something Something

This whole moving thing sure eats a lot of my time. I have signed a lease, and the best part about my new abode, is that it sits two blocks from a Metra stop, and one block from an El stop, so I can basically get anywhere in Chicago or its suburbs without my car. Better yet, I’ll be able to get to work in about twenty minutes. Turns out I will pay $875 per month for this apartment, which includes heat and water. This winter, I won’t be magically paying $200 for natural gas.Hopefully now that many of the stressful situations about this move up North is starting to wind down, I’ll be able to maintain a more visible presence online. I’ll have to see what options this new apartment has for DSL/Cable, so I can figure out whether I’ll colocate my server, or just piggyback it on a DSL line as I did in Moline.All in all, things are looking good. I love where I work, the commute won’t be much longer than before the move, and there’s way more culture and dining up here to keep me occupied. When I finally get to enjoy it, I think I’ll kinda like it here. Heh.Oh, and Blow Me.