ITG: DDR On Crack

Last Tuesday, my preorder for In The Groove reached my humble abode. Having heard good things about this game, despite being tired, I shambled my decaying ancient carcass to a fan-driven version of DDR for a couple hours. Now, being a rather accomplished player with millennia of experience, I’d assumed the difficulty espoused by fans was as overblown as Bill Clinton’s penis. Not only was I horribly wrong, but my highly developed abilities were rendered irrelevant, outdated, and similar to a monkey executing spasm-laden flailing due to constant jabs from a cattle-prod. I’ve gotten better since that initial experience, though my pride is a beaten and tattered husk which may never recover. ITG constantly underrates song difficulty, further accentuating that their scale goes up to 13 instead of ten. Ouchy.

On a more positive note, Ryan and I built a replacement control box for his Cobalt Flux, as his suffered some mysterious and irreparable damage to the processing chip. For the cost of an old DDR pad, the connector from his old control box, and less than $10 in parts from Radio Shack, he has a replacement that essentially upgrades his V1 Cobalt Flux to a V2. He thanked me profusely, but I enjoyed the procedure, tedious as it was to map out the solder points on the control board and reverse-engineer the wire colors on the pad connector. As a question to Cobalt Flux: Why did you donkey-molesting chainsaw-gargling camel-sphincters use purple as the ground wire?

Until Tomorrow