Mom's Da Bomb

So, mom has started looking for a job more in the Midwest area, so she’s been sending out inquiries to various Bed and Breakfasts, because that’s apparently what she does now. Her letters were a little too informal, so I suggested this (names have been changed to protect the guilty:

I found your beautiful inn while doing an internet search on classic Midwest bed and breakfasts. I absolutely love the spiral staircases, and the decorations you have made to transform a lodge into a wonderful respite.

I have been running the bed and breakfast where I am employed while the owners are on holiday. Due to having family in the area, I thought I would write and introduce myself. I sew professionally and have been asked to perform many vintage reproductions, which is my particular area of expertise. If you have time, I’d like to speak with you about some of the improvements you’ve made to the lodge; I’m sure I could learn a few things!

If you have any openings for an innkeeper with my experience, feel free to contact me at this email address, or my phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx. If not, would you happen to know any similar inns which might have a need for my services?

I look forward to hearing from you!

Keep in mind, I wrote this from the perspective I gained from reading How To Win Friends And Influence People. We’ll see if she actually uses it, and if it makes any difference.

On that note, I’ve also ramped up my own job search with the coming of Spring. It’s time to start making the house ready to sell, and get a new job in the Chicago area, so I can at least have proximity to actual entertainment. So far, I’ve only gotten calls from headhunters who got my resume from Monster, but I’ve got at least a couple months to experiment. I’m not really worried; the fact anyone is calling tells me the job market is much better than it was last year.

Until Tomorrow.