Quitting For A Higher Purpose!

Well… Becky’s endless wheedling has ultimately convinced me to go back to school. Though my thoughts to this end have thus-far been minimal, the seemingly endless cascade of C&G; alumni turning a blind eye to the working world has piqued my curiosity. Obviously there is some ubiquitous and intangible force directing us to the obsidian oblivion that is academia. In an effort to embrace this trend head-on, I plan on taking it a step further.

That’s right, I’m going to seminary. While this may inspire disbelief and shock in many of you, I assure the truth of my conviction is eclipsed only by my love for DDR. My well-known interest in historical, archeological, and anthropological knowledge can all be sated by total immersion in religious study. Religion, which has existed since the dawn of recorded history, has permeated society, often influencing the progression of humanity itself. To truly understand the implications of this impact, I have no choice but to embrace that which I have held in long disdain.

Getting ready for this transition will take a great deal of time and support from my friends, so please take that into consideration. I love all of you, and hope everyone wishes me well in what may seem a misguided change of venue.