Teaching In Japan

Bettina, one of the people in the Anime Club in these here parts, gave me a link today that I just have to share.

I am a Japanese Schoolteacher

This is of course, the continuing story of an American in Japan, relating his Gaijin experience. All I can say after reading it, is that it’s a shame his Gaijin Perimeter didn’t protect him from all of those Kancho attacks.

On that note, I looked into doing the JET Program about a year ago, but dismissed it due to having a girl here in the states. It really would be interesting, but to make things worth the trip, I’d want to be there for a year or two. Relationships and that kind of travel don’t mix, so I guess I’ll have to settle for getting a job in Chicagoland. Ah well, I guess I should have done it right after I graduated - but I didn’t know anything about JET back then. Maybe in a few years…

My steadily increasing wanderlust disturbs me however. How am I supposed to sate a desire to see the world, while working in IT? So few career choices offer bona-fide excuses to leave the country, it all seems hopeless. Though my schedule rarely boasts unclaimed time segments, I feel terminally bored and unfulfilled. How indeed, to alleviate such a situation? I suppose I’ll need to analyze everything more deeply, or risk forever doubting the true value of my life. To date, my experiences have been so exceedingly mundane, banality and risk-aversion have permeated my very being.

This, I can not allow.

Until Tomorrow.