Update Schmudate

Whoops! And I was doing so well for a while, too.

Well, the DDR tournament last weekend went well. Ten people actually entered, though we had about five more people who showed up to give their support, and people were wandering in and out during the entire process. I have many pictures and a video of the last three matches and an exhibition game between Ryan and Darren that ended with Ryan getting a full combo on Paranoia Survivor Heavy. Last week was so hectic, I didn’t have time to export everything from the video cam, but hopefully I’ll be able to do it this week.

Unfortunately I also decided to finally fix up my kitchen. When I moved in, the location for the fridge and stove had a problem: the built-in cabinets were too low for my fridge, or any double-door fridge I looked at. Knowing this, I removed the cabinets a week before the fridge was delivered. Little did I know those same wooden storage units were built into the wall. I fully removed the pesky cabinets, but I was left with the scaffolding for a soffit that was built directly into the wall studs with a haphazard mix of crazy support cross-braces. I decided to leave it and beat it down later.

Later being almost two years later, I decided to give up my losses and just cover the whole damn thing with drywall and put a new cabinet over the stove so I could replace the vent hood. With Jen’s help, I had the opportunity to spend $150 on materials, recover the existing soffit, and cover it with two coats of joint compound. Today, I just finished the third coat of joint compound on the drywall. It looks just like part of the wall now, and after it’s painted, I’m calling it quits until I can get someone to come over and help me install the new cabinets. After I rip the images and video of the tournament, I’ll upload pictures of this whole project to show what garbage I had to work with.

I also got confirmation that a job interview I attended last Monday started checking my references. I won’t claim the job as my own just yet, but this is a good sign. If everything works out, I’ll finally be able to move up to the Chicago area and not live 2.5 hours away from my freaking girlfriend. Hehe.

Until Tomorrow