Oops, They did it Again

It’s not as if I am a bastion of intellectual discourse devoid of base language, so I’ll start off with a hearty stream of rancid and inspired expletives.

Fuck you, Dennis Hastert, and every piece of human filth in your general vicinity. This endless partisan bickering and self-righteous indignation is doing more harm to America than any terrorist in the history of mankind could imagine. Where was your fucking vitriol as gang violence, car accidents, and deadly stairwells all conspire against hapless American citizens? How many corpses must pile up in your shit-stained living room before it gets through your concrete skull, you fat worthless dick-hole? How do you even know the people in super double-secret prison are even guilty, since they can’t defend themselves, and many were just rounded up on rumors. But hey, those terrorists are just knocking off thousands of people per day, so we must be firm, right?

Suck my right testicle, you ass-reaming piece of yack sphincter, you spineless God Damned maggot-infested roach-gargling herpes-infested pustule on the ass of a recently divorced dog rapist. What fucking agenda? The agenda that we’re a country founded on the silly ideal that a person is innocent until proven guilty? That agenda? Or how about the obviously lilly-livered agenda that life is fucking risky, and we can’t spend the entirety of our existence evading some mysterious boogie-man? Are you such a blubbering vagina that people who are already locked up make you wet yourself in terror? We have courts for a reason you asshole: vigilante justice is seldom forthright or methodical; it’s highly difficult to apologize to some poor bastard you’ve been waterboarding for the past week when suddenly realize you fucked up. You’ve transformed terrorists who should be despised into some twisted cariacature that nearly elicits pity from any self-respecting human being, through your thoughtless drive to name a scapegoat and pander to nationalism.

You, and everyone like you in any administration Right or Left is exactly what is wrong with this Country. We’ve degraded from a nation which prided itself on ideals of liberty and stoicism and justice in the face of danger, to an endless sea of shivering gerbils clamoring for an impossible life devoid of any modicum of suffering. Thomas Jefferson would have torn out your spine and held it aloft for daring to speak such words in his vicinity. Liberty? Safety? We’ve lost both, thanks to the ham-handed treatment this administration has given to managing this country and its affairs, and all you can do is blame someone else for your failings when it suits your interests. You are scum, Dennis Hastert. Why not pretend you have the respect of your constituents and present an objective and independent interpretation instead of some party-line inspired claptrap? Why? Because you’re a soulless wretch from the bowels of hades gathering the damned into your crooked clutches to deliver upon the boiling lakes of molten despair, such is your disregard for honor or civility.

I have heard many thoughtless and offhand remarks from countless arbiters of destiny so elected to our government, but if this is any example of your desperate unchecked lust for power, that you would stoop to denounce those against torture as enemies of Liberty, you do not deserve the title bestowed upon you. The fact I must occupy the same country as you, and must bear witness while you tear it asunder to satisfy your own ambition disgusts me. My only hope is that your actions are transparent to the general voting public, and they chose to neuter you and the administration who spawned your self-congratulating tainted view of America. Fuck you with the largest, rustiest running chainsaw from the dirtiest rat-infested spider-hole of a rotten collapsed barn in the United States, a country whose air you are not fit to breath.