The Packrat Game

I spent all Saturday packing, and have come to the realization that I have way too many books. So far, I have over 16 file-boxes just to wrangle my excessive book, video-game, and DVD collection. It’s definitely a good thing I’m divesting myself of possessions, because this is getting out of hand. I still have to pack the pantry, the kitchen, and my bedroom, but progress is steady. Sunday has been a laundry extravaganza, as I hauled four loads worth to the laundry-mat five blocks away. That wasn’t much fun!

I’ve also been playing DDR Supernova recently, and I have to say the new Max300 mix is downright ridiculous. Nothing like doing upwards of 200 jumps at 300bpm. I can barely pass this song as on difficult, and it’s only rated an eight. Lots of the songs have tons of Chaos in them as well, which I’m terrible at, because I do better on specific quarter or eighth-note beats. In general, I’m almost certain they changed their rating standard. Quite a few 8-foot songs are much harder than they should be. Many of the 8-footers feature tons of step-jumps similar to DXY, but do not reflect this in the difficulty rating. They also ruined the training mode again by disabling music when the song speed is reduced. Aside from that, this version is easily the best US release ever. Stellar Master Mode makes this game worth every dime. I don’t really need it, but while I play through, I’ve noticed they’ve distinctly separated challenges into skill levels in such a way as to incrementally improve a player’s ability. This not only makes the game fun, but perfect for a beginner starting with DDR. For those of you who have been putting it off, I highly recommend you start with this version!

Until Tomorrow