Tops and Tundras

There is no man on the mountain, no guru wise or otherwise experienced in the tumultuous rigors of life. Scouring the world through countless eons would reveal no monk or hermit overflowing with enough inner peace to admit True Knowledge. Here, there is only silence from beginning to end, Alpha to Omega, creation to oblivion. So speak the words on the Night’s Watch, that sense fretful questioning. Be those blessed with infinite abundance, so are they cursed equally complacent and unfulfilled.

The danger sought within life’s foibles spears to the quick, finding no purchase to puncture or bespoil. Emptiness plagues the seeker, the traveler, and the watcher all! Times shatter under such duress, creaking under strain of unyielding scrutiny and untenable audacity. Daring to explore is no sin, as each being inquires many paths and futures beyond that which experience dictates is true and real. Hyperbole explains little beyond what glamour driven imaginations inject into the memes that define the boundaries many seek to exceed.

But the questions come still, a cascade without direction or end, which no person alive or dead could sate.

So there is no hermit here. No man old, young, blessed, or damned, which may explain the meaning of life. This is the truth of the universe, which must be accepted with gladness. In such hopelessness rings The Truth obscured by its very proximity; nothing is so invisible than what carries us aloft. For we are The Truth. Within each soul past and present, glimmers a fragment of All, yet each fragment exceeds the whole. Paradox envelopes and erases necessity such that meaning is irrelevant. For we are All. Facets of a single whole, different aspects of each other, bereft and complicit, timeless and yet bound within a tiny period of exposure to the light of creation.

Ask not a single aged or learned figure, for they will direct introspection: seek within yourself, a tangential shard of a much larger crystal. To peer within reveals everything relevant and irrelevant, indeed all things. Thus was God revealed, and everything made sane. Existence is the meaning of life, for without it, the universe would be undone, and we would be lost. We are infinite and nothingness entwined in dimensional soup of endless possibilities, so pick one, and have your answer.

My answer is 42.

Until Tomorrow