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Ryan C., why oh why must you explain how sucky my car really is? Through the “Ditch My Car” adventure, I’ve done some research and found that the 3G Mitsubishi Eclipse GT has some design flaws, regardless of the build-quality. Here are a few Ryan found:

1. Warped front rotors.  Sadly, warped roters with low miles are common, if not expected.  Many owners claim they must be replaced roughly every 10k miles.
2. Screwy synchronizers on second gear.  Due to blocking rings *made of paper*, clutch problems are common for this car.  Often this leads to bad synchronizers for second and third gear.  Stories of multiple replacements and rebuilds mention after-market clutch and transmission was the only successful final solution.
3. Front struts seem to be dying.

All of this on a well-maintained car with 34k miles. It has always been hard to shift into second since the first day I owned the car; now I know why. I can only pray to $DIETY that someone buys it before I’m stuck with the damn thing forever.

My website was also down after 11pm, March 27th until noon March 28th. Why? My hosting company decided to upgrade the rack power supplies to allow higher capacity and remote power cycling. Somehow, they forgot to reboot mine, as I can clearly see in my server logs. After about two pages and many calls over four hours, they finally found my server, and pressed its power button. For now, I’ll just raise my eyebrow and call it a fluke. Here’s hoping future upgrades are a little smoother.

And of course Kingdom Hearts II was released today. I’ve pretty much resigned myself to a fate dictated by constant abuse of this game for the next few days; really, I have no choice. If I vanish from the face of the Earth for a few days, you’ll know where to find me.

Until Tomorrow