Fuck You, Mario Kart DS

I’m actually pretty good at Mario Kart DS. Unfortunately I also get incredibly angry when the CPU controlled characters do cheap bullshit to win. I guess it finally got to me. One particular round, in a single lap, I was hit with no less than three blue shells. And that came after I was hit by two blue shells and two red shells almost consecutively. I reset the game. Almost immediately into my next attempt, I was hit by a red shell, and then whoever was behind me knocked me off a ledge.

I whipped the DS against the nearest wall, snapping it cleanly in half and ejecting the game. Since the DS was obviously broken already, I took a hammer to it to vent my anger. It didn’t work. I still have an overwhelming urge to punch the nearest wall, kick an appliance, or throw a TV. Why the hell am I so mad? I’ve been angry all day, really, and I have no clue why. I’m going to go lift weights and hope I somehow get worn down; I’m full of so much energy that I’m chafing to use it.

So, goodbye dear DS Lite, I shall miss you. I don’t feel terrible, since the right shoulder button was getting screwy and it had formed the famous crack near the left hinge, but I’m still not happy I lost control and destroyed a $130 piece of electronics. HULK MAD!

Until Tomorrow