Update Shmupdate

Apparently I’ve fallen off Teh Intarwebs. Well, that’s all the fault of Final Fantasy XII, really. Played it once for 100 hours myself, then 50 hours following a guide. Sadly, the second set of characters are far more powerful with much better equipment. :( I guess that just proves they did a damn good job of hiding everything usable. Bad Squaresoft!

I also proposed to Jen this Friday. Just let that sink in for a minute… Jen’s birthday, unfortunately is two weeks before Christmas. I had a plan, however. I purchased a digital picture-frame, presumably for her birthday, and loaded it with this video. Of course, I set everything up so the video would play when she turned the frame on. It was all a trick, you see, to make her think I purchased the photo-frame and loaded it with pictures of her as a sort of homage for her birthday.

We spent all Saturday and Sunday ring-shopping. Of course, a palladium version of the setting (thankfully Scott Kay works with palladium) she liked wasn’t available in the show-room, so they’ll have to special-order. We were able to pick out the diamond (conflict-free via the Kimberly Process), and they offered to mount it on a temporary setting while we wait for the order. I have to say, if this is any indication, Robbins Brothers is a damn good engagement-ring retailer.

I’ll post a picture of the ring and real setting when she finally gets it sometime after Christmas. Until then, the novelty of the bauble will likely excite everyone we know for quite some time. ;)

Until Tomorrow