I'm Not Dead Yet: I Feel Happy

Yeah, really I’m fine. Cardiologist gave me a quick look-over and pronounced the episode I had a couple weeks ago a fluke, but that I should keep an eye on it and report back to her if it happens again. In other news, she says my performance in the stress echo is “fantastic,” so there’s that.

I’m giving away three boxes of my books, but the people at work get first dibs. There’ll be plenty left, though. Once the books stop disappearing, I may create a list and post it here and give any of you a chance to request a mail-out (after you pay me postage, or pick them up of course). And after that, I’ll donate the rest. Yet even after that three boxes, I still have twelve left. I apparently read far too much.

And now I vanish back into the ether!

Until Tomorrow