Free PostgreSQL Backup Book? Yes Please!

A little while ago, I wrote to the PostgreSQL general mailing list that I’d been approached by Packt Publishing to contribute a quick manual on doing PostgreSQL backups: Instant PostgreSQL Backup and Restore How-to. They’re the same guys who published Greg Smith’s PostgreSQL 9.0 High Performance book which everyone seems to swear by.

The goal of the backup book was to distill the PostgreSQL documentation, tools, and Wiki down to a collection of short step-by-step guides much like the O’Reilly nutshell series. A lot of the backup recipes we DBAs trade back and forth as a matter of course may not be so obvious, and I threw a couple tricks in for advanced users, to boot.

Well, here’s your chance to spring a free copy! The marketing folks have given the go-ahead to hold a giveaway, and have set aside four copies for lucky winners. A longer description of the How-to is on their site.

All they want to know is what you, as a prospective reader, find most interesting or potentially useful about the book. My comment section will be open until May 8th for replies along these lines. If you are selected, Packt will email you with information on how to get your free digital copy. If your comment catches our attention, you’re one step closer. If you want a print copy, they’re available from Amazon separately.

So remember:

  • Free book
  • What interests you about it?
  • Submit a comment
  • You’re entered

I look forward to forcing Packt to do some community service by handing out free copies of the book, and you should too. :)