Blargh Wars

What I find interesting about this whole controversy with Gina Carano is that nothing she stated was inaccurate. Tribalism and othering are one of the hugest flaws in Human design that I can even imagine. It kept us safe in the beginning because we would band together in the face of adversity and increase our survival, but on a global scale, all it means is that we aren’t really happy unless we have an enemy.

And now tribes can be constructed along any imaginable criteria. There is probably a cabal of pie fuckers who think anyone who doesn’t fuck pies is a Nazi, and with the power of the internet, they can all find and validate each other. I mean, look at this:

Othering people is bad

Othering people is bad

What is objectionable about this, exactly? Before people were put in gas chambers, there were propaganda campaigns to paint them as the enemy. Once dehumanized, any and all attacks against them were justified. And do note that she didn’t say which political beliefs. The fact that any uproar occurred, and the fact it came from the Left, to me just speaks of a guilty conscience.

I used to be on the Left, and now I’m terrified of these people. What most people don’t seem to understand is that there’s not even a need for Gulags anymore. We live in an era where you can be digitally executed. Private businesses can do whatever they want after all, so your bank closes your accounts, all social media ostracizes you, you’re fired and no company will hire you, and you’re left with no recourse, what remains? All with a mere accusation. No proof. No trial. No limitations on the duration of your punishment. No redemption.

So maybe my jokes of hoping for a comfy cot in the reeducation camp is a hollow one, but it’s not like the alternative is any better. I can only hope that some sanity will reign before we reach the point of no return.

Until Tomorrow