Boob Tube

Well, they finally came and chopped down our Ash tree. The neighbors had their own Ash tree that needed removal, so the arborists were pretty busy until 2 or 3 pm. Luckily I didn’t have a lot of meetings, because the only thing anyone would be able to hear is the constant refrain of several chainsaws and the occasional house-rattling thump. It’s really a shame to lose shade trees to invasive pests, and it’s not like they’re easily replaced.

The Yellow House

I’ve been reading Reddit’s nosleep section for kicks, and wanted to contribute. So I threw together a quick story based loosely on some childhood memories. The scariest stories are the ones partially based on truth, right? Can someone be haunted by a house? I’m a little freaked out, here… When I was six or seven, we moved into a house near the railroad tracks. My brother and I shared a room on the second floor, and it was our parents’ plan to renovate the second, larger room to be a big game room for us.