Middle School Musical Mania

Jen suckered me into volunteering to help her music boosters with their choir contest this weekend. This entailed waking up at 4:45AM so we could leave at 5:30AM to finish setup and get ready for the festivities to begin at 8:00AM. Woo? My job description was Sound Technician for the day, where I handled four Sony voice recorders; three for the judges and one to record the choir. Each choir used between eight and twelve minutes for two or three songs, but each time block was twenty to act as a buffer between groups.

Decorating with Pylons

A while ago, I decided to use Pylons to rebuild my site. I even went so far as to name the engine “BonePyl”, which just narrowly edged out “BonesAW” for “Bones’ Awesome Weblog”. While doing this, I’ve obviously had to orient myself with the API, which meant buying The Definitive Guide to Pylons and copious scouring of the web for secondary documentation on SQL Alchemy and FormEncode. It’s a lot to bite off, and I’m having trouble chewing, but considering my current site is a bunch of PHP I threw together back in 1999, I’m obviously in no hurry.