PG Phriday: Forensic Fundamentals

All database engines, even Postgres, occasionally present a seemingly intractable problem that will drive everyone insane while attempting to isolate it. All it takes is the perfect storm of situational circumstances, and even a perfectly running stack of software will grind to a screeching halt. It’s situations like this that we must turn to various Postgres forensic tools to track down the issue before management starts firing people in frustration.

PG Phriday: Constipated Connections

We’ve all had it happen. One day, we run a query or function and we wait for the result. And we wait. And we wait. Eventually, we realize something is wrong and find a DBA and yell at them. “Hey Postgres dude!” we scream. “The database is slow!” Or maybe we can’t even get a connection. Postgres just keeps saying something about too many clients. This application isn’t launching and there are ten managers breathing down our neck and we panic.