The Shrub

Wow… George bush.

Ya know, I figured the guy would be mostly harmless. Little did I realize that he is in all actuality, a raving lunatic. Sometimes ignorance is not bliss, his is suicide. Don’t believe me?

In his short time in office, he’s:

* Given funding to religious based organizations.
* Cut funding to overseas clinics that offer Abortion.
* Taken money from alternate sources of energy, while at the same
  time, recommending a new energy plan to drill in a natural
  wildlife preserve, and build more nuclear and coal-based power
* Cut grants to NIST, premier R&D; and leading the industry
  in precision measurements.

Let’s take these in order, shall we?

Separation of Church and State? What an amazing concept! Gee, I never would have thought that a country founded on the very tenants of religious freedom could possibly believe such drivel! I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Coercive mandate of government approved religions!? Hah, give me a break! Unless of course you have actually listened to George Bush say that he doesn’t consider Wicca or Hinduism religions, never mind the small fact that Hinduism has more practicing followers than Christianity. But that’s ok, everyone in America is Christian anyway, so who cares?

Ah yes, you can have funding, but only if you don’t do abortions. I can easily see this coming over here in some way. He’s not outlawing it; nothing short of a Supreme Court decision can do that. But he can make it almost impossible to get an abortion. I am personally against abortion myself, but I am not going to force my views on other people! Maybe Georgy-poo should think about hypocrisy the next time he drives a girlfriend of his to an abortion clinic. Oops… I didn’t say that, did I? Of course, that was about 30 years ago, so he can’t be called a hypocrite anymore. My bad.

And what could make more sense than cutting funding for alternate forms of energy, while dragging the country back to the wondrous days of nuclear power and wasteful coal burning! Wow George, I am awed by your heroic foresight! We didn’t need that pesky wildlife preserve anyway when there’s money to be had! Of course, if you increased funding to alternate forms of energy, one might actually arise that would remove the necessity for drilling in Alaska and mothball all of our less cost-effective and wasteful power plants. But that’s just silly, who needs Fusion, wind power and wave power anyway? Lousy hippies ruining the American economy, that’s who!

And NIST. Who could forget the very company that gave us more efficient computer processors due to precise fabrication methods and measurements? Who needs research and development? Never mind that NIST is one of the last major R&D; companies remaining from the era of Xerox PARC. Never mind the fact that many of their advancements are released directly to the public domain to be used in the very economy that has been booming because of our technical feats. Let’s cripple one of the most fundamental companies contributing to American ingenuity! Yeah, that will most certainly make the world cringe in fear of our amazing power! And while they’re laughing, we can bomb them into oblivion! What a perfect plan Mr. Bush. I wish I had thought of it myself.

Of course, I am just being sarcastic. I figured the guy would be harmless; unfortunately I was horribly wrong. He’s dragging us back to the dark ages, and I hope to God he doesn’t do any more lasting damage before he can be voted out of office. I just love it when my country is being headed by a fucking idiot that doesn’t understand the very technology that is contributing to our amazing prosperity.

But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.