The War On Drugs

Is it just me, or is the United States run by a bunch of self serving overzealous retards? What am I thinking… of course it’s me!

I mean… the Government obviously has a reason for spending billions on keeping idiots from harming themselves and others, right? The supposed leader of the free world isn’t racist or anything; that would be ridiculous! I mean, how else could our representatives forget the pathetic debacle that was prohibition, prohibition, and prohibition?

So, I must obviously be an idiot to believe all of the BS statistics those drug-crazed hippies have been spewing forth. I mean, it’s preposterous to imagine that our country would be so blind!

I mean, there IS a reason we put drug offenders in prison longer than murderers and rapists, right? There is a reason over 5% of our population is in prison, a higher percentage than in any other country in the world, right? Heh, what kind of idiot would make illegal a substance that is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco, or even caffine? Oh wait… cannabis has all of those attributes. My bad. Oh well, there’s obviously a reason.

The reason is simple. The Drug War is idiotic and stupid. Propigated by lazy parents and idiotic lawmakers that forget what happened when they tried to make consumption of alcohol illegal. Drugs such as Marijuana were made illegal to chase out Mexican Immigrants! The US propaganda machine was in full swing, displaying Pot an evil substance that causes insanity, suicide, and paranoid homocide.

Hemp can be used for a gasoline replacement, a high quality protien supliment in conjunction with soybeans, cheap paper, and much more. THC is less dangerous than caffine for God’s sake, with an LD50 so high, no human could even ingest a fatal amount. Too bad Alcohol, Nicotine, and Caffine can’t say the same. Marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells, unlike alcohol, and doesn’t cause lung cancer, unlike cigarettes. Marijuana has even been shown to be an anti gateway drug. When Amsterdam made it legal, hospital visits for all drug related reasons went down.

That’s right. Down.

I’ve never used it myself, due to the illegal nature of the substance, but Marijuana doesn’t seem all bad. The fact is, I rather like the idea of getting lightly intoxicated without slaughtering valuable gray matter.

But, I guess our country would rather waste billions of dollars putting non-violent criminals in prison, creating an underground market in unsafely produced narcotics that gave us gang wars and drive-by shootings. What a great use of taxpayer money! In fact, I’ll sign right up to pay even more because I believe in the cause so much; let me just get my pen.

So… should I write this out to the “United Idiots of America,” or the “Retarded States of America?” I can never seem to remember which one it is.