What's Wrong With Unnatural Hair Colors?

Ok. Look over to your right, and you’ll see a picture of me. You’ll notice that the picture of me has blue hair. I have recieved many compliments on the color, and a lot of people seem to like it.

So why then, don’t more people do it? I’ll tell you why, faceless corporations that believe they can control every aspect of their employees’ lives. I have blue hair, so suddenly that makes me a rebel? Yeah, just like that monstrous SUV makes you an outdoorsman. No, I just like the color blue, and it looks nice. It’s a distraction? Only because its so rare in this society that people gawk like they just saw a bus full of nuns crash into a gas tanker. At least, that’s what people seem to think.

In reality, people see it once, comment, and go on with their lives. People in authority don’t like it because it gives them less control. Trends change, fads change, common hairstyles change, and if certain authority figures would remove their heads from their rectums, they’d see that. Go down to California if you don’t believe me. There are so many people with colored hair in that area, that nobody even looks twice anymore.

Hell, I hope it’s a trend someday. Maybe then, when 50% of the population colors their hair some odd color, disciplinary actions will be reduced slightly. For God’s sake, I was taken to the office in Elementary school once because some kid had sprayed blue into my hair at recess. They were ready to send me home! Freaking “We don’t approve of your attitude; are you trying distract other students?” crap.

That’s why my friend scared of coloring her hair purple in fear of it damaging her employment. As if the people she talks to on the phone will hear her hair color? I’m lucky to work for a very casual workplace, but not everyone can have that opportunity. But I say screw it. I am who I am, and I’m not changing for anybody. I’ll never work for anyone who tries to control me, dress code included. If more people had that attitude, none of this crap would even exist.

Some corporations may want to stamp “corporate drone #12342” on their employees’ foreheads, but humans != robots, live with it. Some schools may want to “reduce disturbances,” whatever that means, but the more attention they give to these students, the more attention they bring to themselves.

In fact, check your company’s dress code right now. If it has not one clause about hair, and you’ve wanted to color it, just do it! What can they do? If they fire you, sue their asses off.

Anyone who thinks colored hair is shocking, stupid, distracting, or affects any other person in the world in any way, is a retarded jackanape that would lose a battle of wits with my pet ferret.